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Hypnos is a sleep-timer app for iTunes on Mac OS X. Before the Mac App Store it was called iTunesShut. With Hypnos you can automatically shut down, sleep, restart etc. your mac after a predetermined amount of tracks or period of time played in iTunes. Click on the Mac App Store badge below to read the whole description and download
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Hypnos 5.2.5 available on the Mac App Store

This version fixes compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Hypnos 5.2.3 now available on the Mac App Store

The new version of Hypnos fixes a bug, where Hypnos did not shut down or restart the Mac after the counter reached zero. The update includes other small improvements. Please leave a comment below or on the support page, if you still encounter problems with Hypnos. Thanks!

Hypnos 5.2.3 submitted to Apple for Review

The new version fixes a bug, where Hypnos did not shut down or restart the Mac.

iTunes 11 and song repeat

iTunes 11.0.1 does not react on AppleScript queries, which ask for the song repeat state. It is always off, no matter what song repeat was set at. Therefore Hypnos counts the time to play for a given amount of tracks wrong, when song repeat was set to “Repeat one”.

Hypnos 5.2.1 available

Hypnos 5.2.1 is now available on the Mac App Store. It fixes a number of bugs and restores the shut down and restart functionality (Download the AppleScripts here). Furthermore it supports HypnosRemote for iOS.  

HypnosRemote available on iOS App Store

Hypnos 5.2.1 enables Support for iCloud and for HypnosRemote. With HypnosRemote you can watch on your iPhone Hypnos counting down the tracks or the period of time and even stop or start the process.

Good News

With the soon released version of Hypnos it is again possible to shut down or restart the Computer. The new version includes also several bug-fixes. Lets hope Apple will approve the new version soon!

YouTube Review of iTunesShut

Check-out this great review of GuguSoft’s app iTunesShut (which is now called Hypnos) from Mac App Guide: